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Journal of Serviceology

(ISSN 2435-5771)


Change in Submission Method (Adoption of Editorial Manager) (June 23, 2022):
The review committee has decided to adopt Editorial Manager (EM) as the submission system to further streamline the review process. For future submissions, we ask that the author submit the paper via the journal's EM.

Change of review system from double-blind to single-blind (October 22, 2021):
The review committee has decided to improve the efficiency of the peer review process by changing the system of peer review from double-blind to single-blind for submissions after November 21, 2021. For more information, please refer to the detailed announcement (PDF) here.

About the Journal

Journal of Serviceology (JoS) publishes original papers focusing on both theories and practices of all topics relating to emerging issues of service in the world.

Serviceology is brand-new academic discipline aiming to innovate service in all social and business situations, therefore, submitted paper is expected to identify the emerging issues of service, to provide fundamental understanding of underlying logic of emergence, and/or to provide theoretical frameworks, practical approaches, or new tools and methodologies to solve the issues.

JoS respects and gives priority to the research efforts to advance the front end of service research through 1) combining academic disciplines, including management science, marketing, economics, mathematical science, operations research, computer science, and 2) providing social and business implication for making our world better based on the well discussed academic agenda.

Topic "examples" covered in JoS include, but are not limited to, the emerging issues as follows:

  • Relating topics to servitization of manufacturing industry
  • Service business model in the era of aging society
  • Technology acceptance in the smart community service
  • Service innovation in the days of mobile and cloud computing
  • Productivity improvement in labor-intensive services
  • ICT management service in agriculture
  • Maintenance service in public infrastructures
  • Service globalization
  • Developing Business of the Pyramid (BOP) market
  • The role of trust in collaborative consumption
  • Technology management in content service industries
  • Joyfulness and safety in entertainment industries
  • Service transformation to respond to the shift to cloud computing
  • Value creation in social innovation
  • Transfer of skills from experienced persons


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