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Submission Guidelines

Copyright Guidelines

The submitted manuscript should be certified that 1) it is not copyrighted, 2) it is not under review by any journal, 3) it has not been accepted for journal, and 4) it has not been published in any journal.

The submitted manuscript should be composed by substantially new description and should not include repetition of previous published papers.

All copyright of the paper is reserved by Society of Serviceology after the final version of manuscript is submitted. During the referee process, all copyright is reserved by Society of Serviceology. If the paper is rejected, all copyright is returned to the authors. If the paper is accepted, all copyright is reserved by Society of Serviceology. The author is required to transfer copyright of his or her paper to Society of Serviceology, however, he or she still reserves the right to use all or part of the paper in future works (like books) which he or she may write.

Instructions for the Authors


We require you to submit your paper as a full paper electronically in PDF format. All papers should normally be of upto 5,000 - 6,000 words. Please do not type page numbers, since consecutive page numbers will be added by the publisher.

The official language of the journal is English. Please use a consistent spelling style throughout the paper. If English is not your mother tongue, provide a good translation into English, and make sure that the English is checked by a competent editor. Poor English will be a reason for rejection of the paper.

Since the journal uses a single-blind system (submissions after November 21, 2021), authors' names should be clearly indicated.


2.1 Styles overview

Text area

Your manuscript must fit within the required margins. Set your margins for the pages at 20 mm for the top, 18 mm for the bottom, 17 mm for the left and right margins. No author should modify this template; all papers with a modified template will be returned to the author(s) for correction.

Title area

Put the title directly under the top margin. The title should be in Arial 16 point bold normal. The first word of the title and all major words must start with a capital. The author’ names should be in Arial 12 point normal; their affiliation should be in Arial 10 point normal.


Your abstract should be 150-200 words. It should provide a brief summary of the content of your paper. The heading Abstract should be typed in Arial 10 point bold fond. The body of the abstract should be in Arial 10 point normal.


Leave one blank line between the abstract and the keywords. The heading Keywords should be in Arial 10 point bold. The three keywords should be in Arial 10 point normal, separated with semicolons. Select keywords that can be used to identify the subject of your paper.

Paper body

Use a two-column format, and set the column width at 85 mm. The paper body should be in Times 10 point normal

2.2 Headings and heading spacing

We recommend using no more than three levels of headings, indicated in these instructions as Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3. The styles sheets for these headings are summarized in Table 1. Avoid loose Headings to appear at the bottom of a page.

Table 1: Example of table centered across two columns.



Heading 2

Heading 3


10 point

10 point

10 point






1, 2, 3, ....

1.1, 1.2, 1.3, ...



3 points after, Normal carriage return before

3 points before,
3 points after

3 points before,
3 points after


3.1 Tables

Number tables consecutively (e.g., Table 1, Table 2,) and ensure that all the tables are cited in the text in the correct order. The caption of table should be in Times 10 point centred.

3.2 Figures

All graphics, charts, illustrations, photos, etc. should be numerically ordered. Each figure should have a concise caption describing accurately what the figure depicts. Do not include titles or captions into your illustrations. Figures should be referred to like Figure 1. The caption of figure should be in Times 10 point centred.

Fig.1: Example of the figure.


We require you to submit your paper (Use the template at the end of this page as a form) electronically by our submission system (Editorial Manager). For the submission, you need to include a cover letter (Use the template at the end of this page). In the cover, the author need to describe the title, list of authors submission date and significance of the work for Serviceology.

URL: Submission System(Editorial Manager).

* You can change the language (EN/JP) from the setting in the two points of the EM page

Instruction of the EM page


Arrange the reference list in alphabetical order of author’s surnames, and chronologically for each author where more than one work by that author is cited. Cite the references in the body of the paper using the surname(s) of the author(s) and year such as: (Vargo and Lusch 2004). All references listed must be cited, and all cited references must be included in the reference list. The reference list should be in Times 8 point normal.

The format for references is as follows:
Surname, Initials. and Surname, Initials. (date). Title of article. Journal name, volume number (part number), pages.
Surname, Initials, and Surname, Initials. (date) Title, Place of publication, Publisher.

Template (On or after November 21, 2021)

Template for original paper
Template for cover letter

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